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The Ultra 24 Series Story

When the borders were shut and we weren't able to travel for an ultra marathon we got thinking.........

U24 was conceived as an alternative to Rottnest channel swim after Covid-19 caused travel restrictions for all Victorians.
Peter Hendriks and Charlie Evans developed the swim as an alternative for those who had already committed to Rottnest training and didn’t want to waste that effort or preparation.

Many swimmers were on a journey towards even longer swims and we felt it was important that their long swim goals and that journey would not be negatively affected by local restrictions.

The U24 inaugural swim (February 2022) was run as a test of the course, conditions and interest and the team were very pleased to receive useful feedback which has encouraged us to grow the swim and create an ongoing event that will offer Victorian endurance swimmers an iconic ultra-endurance
event showcasing Victoria's Mornington Peninsula and the beautiful safe, clear waters between Safety beach and Sorrento.

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